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Car subscription barometer reveals the business model is here to stay

Our telematics partners, INVERS, release a car subscription market barometer full of valuable insight.


imove and CUPRA Norway enter into a partnership

The OEM and tech provider launch the subscription service CUPRA Frii.


Car Subscription MasterClass

imove shares insight on how to lower operations costs and control value depreciation.


Why we turned a car upside down at EVS35

The automotive industry is being turned upside down and car subscription thrives in this new environment.


A solution for the future of mobility

Hans Kristian Aas was featured as a guest columnist on Automotive News Europe. He shared his insights on car subscription.


Norwegian used car dealership launches car subscription

Together with car-sales platform and imove, K Bil started their car subscription service K Bil Move.


imove welcomes Ane Furu from Møller Mobility Group as new COO

From Møller and Hyre to a top role in imove, Furu is excited to use her entrepreneurial mindset.


imove Norway has won best car subscription service provider by the Norwegian Consumer Council.

Car subscription is gaining traction as the favorable way to access a car and we are thrilled to have such happy end customers.

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imove brings the new way to have a car to the Netherlands has launched the first electric car (EV) subscription service in the Netherlands. The subscription conditions are super flexible and stress-free for the consumer. Everything is included, except charging.

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imove hires Head of Communication

Jordan Symonds is hired to lead communication for imove as they venture throughout Europe.

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Electric Norway - How The Nation Went Electric and How imove Contributes

How Norway went electric and what we at imove are doing to get more EVs on the road.

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Flexibility will be key, as Toyota announces 30 electric models

Toyota Motor Corporation announced 30 electric battery models by 2030. They aim to sell 3.5 million electric cars globally per year in the same timeframe.

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The data-centric approach is the secret to our success

INVERS is a market-leading solution and has been a great telematics partner. Thank you INVERS for spreading the word that imove is here to revolutionize the automotive industry!

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Europcar enters the Car Subscription market

Europcar’s car subscription service ‘Sesongbil’ joins forces with Norwegian marketplace FINN in the chase for its first subscription customers.

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imove welcomes new Head of People

Kari Svenningsen has joined as Head of People, a role she has 16 years of experience in from IT, finance, consulting, and startups.

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From Santander to imove. We welcome three new imovers!

imove welcomes three new members to the team who are no strangers to working together.

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MOVE 2021: How to succeed with car subscription

We are at MOVE 2021 presenting how to succeed with Car Subscription. Visit us at booth 73!

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MOVE 2021

imove is headed to the MOVE Mobility Re-imagined conference in London Nov 9-10th!

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Car subscription services

Offering providers the a la carte menu for operational services and ecosystem partners, enabling a smooth customer experience.

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Car subscription management platform

A Car Subscription management platform enabling scalable and profitable car subscription through high degree of automation.

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Car subscription distribution

An efficient customer acquisition through a fully digital multi-channel distribution with your own preferred brand.

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Norway’s electric car subscription service imove closes $22.3M Series A led by AutoScout24

Techcrunch: The “subscribe to your car” movement has been taking off in recent years

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Car subscription platform imove closes €16M Series A

Bergen, Norway, June 30th, 2021 - The Norwegian mobility tech company recently closed a capital raise bringing the largest pan-European online car market AutoScout24 into imove.

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Schysst! Car Subscription from Gjensidige

The imove white-label technology enables nordic insurance company Gjensidige to launch car subscription service in Sweden!

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The electric revolution will continue accelerating a more sustainable lifestyle

EU Startups: Do you remember back in 2020 when we thought it made sense to own a car?

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imove goes international after success in Norway

imoves technology enables Sweden's first car subscription for electric cars

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Accenture podcast: The aim is to decrypt mobility.

Why is car subscription becoming so popular? Find out when imove visits Accenture's podcast Dekryptert

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The imove platform enables Toyota to launch car subscription service

Toyota Europe launched their first global car subscription service - in Norway!

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Utilize your data in Car Subscription

The imove platform offers more than 200 analytics reports that helps you keep track of crucial service parameters like fleet utilization, financial performace and churn.

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imove offers EV subscription, but its real business is technology

Celebrating #worldEVday with our first international feature article

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Lets walk the talk

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