The imove platform enables Toyota to launch car subscription service

Toyota Europe launched their first global car subscription service - in Norway!

OSLO November 20th 2019

The car subscription service from Toyota is called KINTO Flex (visit website). KINTO Flex is part of a new global mobility concept (read more). KINTO Flex is a seamless and smart car subscription. Easy to use, and good for the environment. The service offers a broad range of Toyota and Lexus hybrid cars.

Toyota teamed up with imove to deliver the service, and it is a true joint innovation project. imove’s white-label IT platform lets third parties decide their own car pool, product features and customer experience. The service is easily available through web and app. imove also runs the operations and logistics of the service.

imove is looking forward to continuing this journey with Toyota!

Read Toyota’s press release here. (Norwegian)
See the how-it-works video of Kinto Flex Car Subscription here.

imove also provided Toyota Motor Europe with an iOS app for the end users

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