The electric revolution will continue accelerating a more sustainable lifestyle

EU Startups: Do you remember back in 2020 when we thought it made sense to own a car?

In February EU Startups named imove among 10 promising startups to keep an eye on in 2021. Recently they published a full interview with the two co-founders of imove, Hans Kristian Aas and Gunnar Birkenfeldt.

Norway-based startup imove is a car subscription service platform that gives the user full flexibility and no hassle. Benefits for the user include access to a fleet of attractive electrical cars for everyday use, and the flexibility to change to another car when they want to. imove is a new generation car tech company focused on simplicity, flexibility, and being environmentally friendly.
Gunnar Birkenfeldt and Hans Kristian Aas co-founded imove back in 2018 as a new mobility concept. Since then, they’ve grown imove to a team of around 50 people, raised €5 million and expanded internationally. We spoke to Gunnar and Hans to take a peek behind their success.

Read the full interview here.

The electric revolution will continue accelerating a more sustainable lifestyle (EU Startups March 15th 2021)

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