Car subscription management platform

A Car Subscription management platform enabling scalable and profitable car subscription through high degree of automation.

Our car subscription management platform is built and developed based on our experience and learnings from running both our own car subscription and providing car subscription services for our partners. imove as a technology company benefits significantly from this, ensuring that we build a platform that suits the actual user needs. 

Our car subscription management platform enables a scalable and profitable car subscription for our partners. The platform's operational tools make the day-to-day operations with fleet management and customer service run smoothly through a high degree of automation. 

The platform sets a sound basis for successfully scaling car subscription fleets and services by using data as the key element in decision-making. Digital fleet and subscription management gives the user an in-depth understanding of operational costs, and it strengthens the operational efficiency and business processes based on the insights. Our smart business intelligence analytics tool provides a complete overview of the fleet’s performance, profitability and growth, the customers and their subscriptions, as well as a smart fleet recommendation engine.

The platform handles the entire lifecycle of your vehicles in your fleet, from the purchase to liquidating. Our platform also uses smart integrations to enable payments, operations, subscription management, and customer service for a seamless user experience.

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