Car subscription services

Offering providers the a la carte menu for operational services and ecosystem partners, enabling a smooth customer experience.

Even though our software is unparalleled, our partners emphasize that imove’s insights are just as valuable. Commercial models where both parties are incentivised if the service scales profitable make sharing our knowledge a no-brainer.

We offer an “a la carte menu” of business services for our partners. In addition to our distribution and car subscription management platform, our partners can choose from our offerings of operational services and ecosystem partners. This way, we can ensure a smooth customer experience. Check out our a la carte menu below:

  • Support with strategy and growth
  • Car financing and sourcing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Design
  • Customer service
  • Fleet operations and logistics
  • Eco-system and value-add services
  • Fleet optimization and analytics

In addition to this, imove is a sparring partner outside of the above predefined areas. Our own experience from running a car subscription service in different countries are experiences we gladly share with our partners.

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