Car subscription distribution

An efficient customer acquisition through a fully digital multi-channel distribution with your own preferred brand.

Efficient customer acquisition is essential to seal modern-day customers. We provide this for our partners through fully digital distribution and onboarding processes, with a multichannel distribution through your own website and car subscription marketplaces in collaboration with i.e. Schibsted in the Nordics, and Autoscout24 in Central Europe.

An increasing amount of cars are sold digitally, and many traditional OEMs are moving into a direct sales distribution model. Through our distribution platform, our partners get a one-stop-shop for all their vehicles, and with a seamless and efficient onboarding, the customer is always just a few simple clicks away from subscribing to a car.

The digital onboarding process is quick and easy, with a high degree of flexibility for our partners to choose different solutions for customer identification, automatic credit checks, payments gateways, etc. 

The imove distribution channel is trusted by prominent OEM players such as Toyota and Lexus´ service KINTO Flex in Norway and forward-thinking, untraditional players in the mobility industry such as Swedish insurance providers, Gjensidige´s Schysst.

The equity issue of 13 MEUR led by AutoScout24 in the summer of 2021 will be used to grow imove’s presence in the Nordics and expand the platform globally

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