Everything you need to offer car subscription. It is not our way - it is your way! Both Lexus and Toyota already uses our platform. You could be next!

Norway’s electric car subscription service imove closes $22.3M Series A led by AutoScout24

Techcrunch: The “subscribe to your car” movement has been taking off in recent years


Car subscription platform imove closes €16M Series A

Bergen, Norway, June 30th, 2021 - The Norwegian mobility tech company recently closed a capital raise bringing the largest pan-European online car market AutoScout24 into imove.


Schysst! Car Subscription from Gjensidige

The imove white-label technology enables nordic insurance company Gjensidige to launch car subscription service in Sweden!


The electric revolution will continue accelerating a more sustainable lifestyle

EU Startups: Do you remember back in 2020 when we thought it made sense to own a car?


imove goes international after success in Norway

imoves technology enables Sweden's first car subscription for electric cars


Accenture podcast: The aim is to decrypt mobility.

Why is car subscription becoming so popular? Find out when imove visits Accenture's podcast Dekryptert

The imove platform enables Toyota to launch car subscription service

Toyota Europe launched their first global car subscription service - in Norway!


Utilize your data in Car Subscription

The imove platform offers more than 200 analytics reports that helps you keep track of crucial service parameters like fleet utilization, financial performace and churn.


imove offers EV subscription, but its real business is technology

Celebrating #worldEVday with our first international feature article


Lets walk the talk

To ensure state-of-art cutting edge solutions we don’t just sit in our office and develop a software solution. We «take our own medicine» and have rolled out imove as a Car Subscription Service since 2018. There is not a day passing by, without hand-on experience results in improvements in our solution.

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