The imove founders are green entrepreneurs, digital do'ers and car enthusiasts. Our vision is to shape the future of the mobility industry!

Meet the people

Joakim Sælemyr

Chief Architect

Joakim is our senior Architect and genuinely loves to transform post-its into digital magic. Just what imove needs to have that unique competitive edge! His career experience from both insurtech and fintech comes handy when Automotive now goes digital. Jørgen holds a bachelor in Games Design from Westerdals.

Jørgen Johansen Landsnes


Jørgen is our IT-architect and developer who loves to turn ideas into digital reality. He puts user experience first while focusing on creating good designs that makes solutions easy and efficient to work with. Jørgen has a background in Software Engineering and holds a Masters Degree in Software Development from the University of Bergen.

Hans Kristian Aas

CEO & Co-Founder

Hans Kristian strongly believes that imove thrives through focusing on customer satisfaction and the providing of seamless services. He loves disrupting traditional industries with innovative business models. Hans Kristian used to be head of Future Tech in Accenture. He drives an electric car with his e-scooter easily accessible in the back seat. Hans Kristian founded imove together with Gunnar in 2018.

Gunnar Birkenfeldt

CPO & Co-Founder

Gunnar is our Chief Product Officer. He is considered a pioneer in the automotive scene and have provided Norwegians with the most awesome supersports cars for more than a decade. He is one of the founders of imove and have been with us from the start. Even though he is a true car enthusiast, you’re more likely to see him cruising around on one of his many e-scooters.

Lets walk the talk

To ensure state-of-art cutting edge solutions we don’t just sit in our office and develop a software solution. We «take our own medicine» and have rolled out imove as a Car Subscription Service since 2018. There is not a day passing by, without hand-on experience results in improvements in our solution.

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